Why are we different?

Our Approach

At AO Recycling, we’re committed to extracting as much value as possible from the waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) that’s thrown away by UK households every year. When AO sells a new appliance, it’s often our job to take the old one away. We give our AO customers total peace of mind by ensuring their unwanted machines are safely and responsibly recycled – or refurbished for resale as a second-hand product. We’re experts in recycling, and we work with government, local authorities, businesses and consumers to make sure the UK improves the way it recycles its unwanted electrical items.

Thousands of appliances arrive here every day from AO customers, businesses, retailers and local authorities. Fridges get special treatment – with cutting-edge techniques  used to remove harmful substances such as oils, refrigerants and CFC or pentane gases. Appliances are torn apart using a huge industrial shredder which operates like a giant kitchen blender. The remaining plastics, metals and insulation foam are separated and sorted at the plant, eventually being resold to manufacturers for use in new products.

New Plant

Our new plant in Telford, Shropshire is state of the art – and able to process more items, more efficiently than any other site in the UK. The plant is the most efficient and advanced in the UK – it sets a new standard in recovering metals, plastics and gases out of the old fridges.

It’s a simple idea: reuse when we can; recycle when we can’t.

Fridge Recycling

Every year, more than 3.5 million fridges are thrown away in the UK. AO Recycling will recycle one fifth of these every year from our Telford operation – that’s more than 700,000 fridges annually.


Some of the appliances that come into us aren’t ready for the scrap heap just yet! Some are in good working order and may just have cosmetic faults. Others only need a little TLC and with a thorough overhaul can be sold on via the second-hand market.