About Us

AO Recycling was set up in 2017 – and overnight became the UK’s largest recycler of fridges and Large Domestic Appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and tumble dryers. 

AO Recycling Launches

In the last decade, AO has become one of the UK’s leading online retailers of the major appliances that we all rely on in our homes. It’s transformed the way we buy these products online – and with the launch of AO Recycling it aims to do the same for the waste management industry. AO Recycling will recycle more fridges than any other waste management company in the country – and it’s our goal to do it by setting a new standard for the industry.

The company brings together AO with the former owners and managers of The Recycling Group (TRG). This Shropshire-based business has more than a decade-long track record in WEEE recycling. TRG ran two recycling plants in Hopton Heath and Knighton before helping to set up AO Recycling.

TRG and AO got together and began to develop joint plans for a new state of the art recycling facility in 2016 – although AO has been a long-standing customer of TRG. TRG became AO Recycling in spring 2017, and at the same time opened the first AO Recycling plant in Telford in Shropshire.

2017 marked the start of an exciting new chapter for both companies – and is a game changing moment for the UK recycling industry. It’s the start of an exciting journey

Our Strategy

AO Recycling aims to ensure the UK has the capacity to deal with the growing amounts of WEEE items which are thrown away as waste every year in the UK – including 3.5 million fridges. Together, we will make sure as many WEEE items are safely, responsibly and efficiently recycled or re-used. Our aim is clear – we will tackle this environmental challenge head on.

AO World

AO Recycling is part of AO World, and we’re re-defining the world of retail by caring more than anyone else. We want to make it as easy as possible to do business with us. We want to change the way people shop and be at the forefront of online retail innovation.

AO isn’t a normal company. We like to push boundaries and do things differently, and we’re on a mission to become the best electrical retailer in Europe.