Our Facility

Our recycling facility in Shropshire doesn’t just recycle fridges and other Large Domestic Appliances. We also repair and refurbish appliances which are suitable for the secondhand market.


We have a team of highly skilled engineers who repair the appliances , after all re-use is the best form of recycling. We often receive back machines that we have refurbished years before– that’s a few extra years of life we’d given it before we then process it through our state of the art recycling machine.


All products that have been refurbished are graded and come with a guarantee so consumers can be safe in the knowledge that they have been skillfully repaired, cleaned and thoroughly tested at our plant in Telford in Shropshire. Our refurbished appliances are of the highest standard – and we’d challenge you to spot the difference with a new appliance. Refurbished washing machines, fridges, tumble driers and fridges are sold on via trade or outlet shops.


If you want to find out more about our refurbished appliances please see below:



Contact the reuse team on or on 01952 583 666



You can visit our AO Outlet eBay Shop