The Lab

What we do

We believe there are always different and better ways of doing things. Our lab looks at how we can re-examine – and then re-invent – the way we recycle.


We don’t believe in standing still, we are constantly looking for new ways of how we can improve the industry. We partner with some of the nation’s leading recycling experts , to find new ways of recycling and find new innovative ways businesses can use the recycled materials.


We believe we can learn from others about how to improve what we do in the future. We work with experts to understand how the world is changing and what the key environmental and sustainability challenges are. We constantly examine how we should respond to these challenges as a business – and always look at ways of taking a more sustainable approach to business.


We’re prepared to put our money where our mouth is, funding innovators who have a great idea about how we can improve the way we recycle or make better use of the resources we extract from waste. Get in touch to tell us about your idea.